Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Prom Album

Here are some of the layouts I have managed to do for my friends DDs Prom album for her leaving Primary School. I have blurred out the faces of everyone except Jade.

Above is my front page which I did just of the school and the date.

This is the back of her hair which one of her young relations did as she was training to be a hairdresser. I used PM embossed paper and just used some blending chalks.

Outside the school where I took photos of the staff and parents gathered and one with her Year6 teacher and what was her Year3 teacher.

Just some fun in the Limo.

Jade standing infront of the Limo at her old house.

The last few photos are inside the limo and outside have a glass of Orange in champagne glasses it was a wonderful night for the children. As I said here are just a few I still have loads more to start on and complete.


Nic said...

Your pages are lovely and what a fantastic momento of the occasion.

Jane said...

Lovely pages Julie, Jade is very lucky your making it for her.

lindschick said...

Wow you have been busy, waht a lovely memento