Saturday, 24 January 2009

New Cj!!!!

I signed up to a new circle journal on uks the we have called the Cj Lovers cj our first pointing is 1st February. I decided because it was a open cj that I would do the year my youngest son was born 1993. I already have a cj when I was born and DS1 has got a cj which is nearly finished the year he was born to mark his 18th birthday so this would mark Andrews 16th birthday as he is 16 this year.

This is the front cover of the cj which I used some 6 x 6 paper stock in black/white for the front and back covers and used PM chipboard alphas and numbers.

The subject I chose for my entry to the 1993 cj is Ben Johnson when he got banned from taking drugs. I have used some light blue paper with white patterns on which I bought from a local craft shop and a mega blue star brad.

I used the same paper but added some blue PM ribbon and some maple leaf brads for this pages.

This is what the DLO looks like the tage is the sign in bit I saw it on a cj I did an entry in and thought oh that looks look so I have used the idea for this cj not sure whos the cj was now but if it is yours please let me know so I can edit this entry.


lindschick said...

What a great idea, such a great page to start it all off. Look forward to seeing the finished article when it gets back to you.

Sarah said...

What a lovely keepsake this will be - look forward to seeing the finished product.

Take care