Monday, 19 January 2009

Jades Prom (again)

Here are some more pages I did for Jades Prom album I have got my Ds to blur out the childrens faces.

Here is the Limo at the school that Jade and her friends actually rode in and took a photo of the stretch Hummer that the lads came in with the music blasting out of the windows it really made me smile.

Jade with one of her friends in the school car park before she went into the hall at the school for the primary school prom.

Photos of the group of children Jade went in the limo with. I used a ballgown peel off onto blue velum to make the 3D dress on the page and did the same for the crown and assories.

Jade and her friends outside her old house before they moved in the summer, prepairing for the limo.

Jade in frount of the limo with her friends at the old house before she moved.


Ayesha said...

wow loads of layouts i love the limos my sister wants one of those for her prom

Debsg said...

Great photos. My son would love the trip in the Hummer.