Thursday, 22 January 2009

Cards and Plants

Well I have not uploaded for a while again but thought I would share some photos of my plant I have managed to grow from baulb.

I got 2 baulbs from Lidl for £1.49 each great value I though these plants are normally quite expensive so got a pinky colour and this deep red one. I have managed to grow this red one but have manage to get 4 flowers on two are in bloom but the other 2 are yet to open. Here is a close up and a full length photo.

My other one has decided that its not going to grow at all same room next to each other so same temperature etc but refuses to grow so I have ask Dad to bring it on in his house where its alot warmer as he has a Aga. Hopefully it will start growing very soon.

This is a quickie card I made for my male penfriend who is train mad I hope its ok for him he loves his puffa trains.

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Missus Wookie said...

I like your Amaryllis bulb, they always look good. Once they die down if you let it dry out for a few months then start watering again it will often bloom again :)

Hope your penfriend likes his card, saw your blog over on UKS.