Saturday, 10 January 2009


Oh wow its been a while since I updated my blog hasn't it! Well I have been rather busy sorting out family problems and now I have my own problems too but I will struggle on and come out the other side a much better person hopefully.

This is a display of silk flowers I have in my bedroom originally it was just yellows and then I added some oranges as I thought my cat that departed 18 months ago was eating them so I added the orange one then I found that my then baby cat took a fancy to the yellow ones too so decided to stop buying new ones till he got out of the chewing habit. Anyway over Christmas I popped over to my button lady and where she rents her shop from was closing dow so decided to look at her silk flowers managed to get some more yellows and a few reds reduced down I should have paid £14.00 for the flowers but paid just £6.00 so was well chuffed when I got home I found to my dismay that although baby sunny had stopped chewing my flowers I have a new problem my the name of 10 year old Tommy I went mad but these photos are of my display which so far has been untouched.

This is a photo of my new craft tote which my very dear friend bought me for christmas with embellishment and stamps inside I was so honoured to get such a present from my friend I love it especially as I love lavender this will be great going to crops as the other one I have is open topped so no good for the public transport.

I am now trying to do a prom album which I started last week it was of my friends DD last July when she left primary school hopefully she will like the end result I will upload photos once I have figured out how to blurr out faces of the other children.


lindschick said...

CAts who'd have them!!! Nice flowers though. Hope they last!!

The tote bag is lovely waht a fab present.

Good luck with the album, a prom album sounds a great idea.

Jo Power said...

Good luck with the flowers, hope the cat leaves them alone this time.
A prom album what a lovely idea and what a great way for her to remember the evening.

Caryn said...

Those cat antics made me laugh! I can just picture them. I have two cats myself who are 9 and 10. They have mostly outgrown their toddler-type behaviour apart from the odd mad half hour.

You are going to love that tote by the way. My mum bought me one for my birthday last year and it is brilliant. I don't know what I'd do without it.

Caryn xxx